Various types of mortgage loans

  A loan, as we know are funds that organizations such as banks, lend to businesses/ individuals for different reasons. Applying for a loan means using Other People’s Money which is a very big deal in the world of financing. Getting a loan differs with every organization, there are however some processes you have to(…)

What Is Your Home Decoration Saying?

   Sometimes we ignore the little things that matter in making our home right. The deal doesn’t just end at buying/renting a house. If you are human, you would care about what the inside of your home looks like and how it makes you feel. Questions like Is it welcoming? Is it comfortable? What mood(…)

When is the right time to own a property?

  Let me ask you, when is the right time to own a property or better still, let me re-frame it this way,when would you like to own your first property? when you are 50?, When you’re retired and getting pension? or When you’re married? But in general, the answer is pretty simple. In the(…)

Real Estate Investments And Your Emotions

Many investors have lost money as a result of the interference of their emotions, many have also lost out on good deals because of these same emotions. For example, an investor might think that by buying a foreclosed property, he is putting someone out of their home. This is not necessarily so because in truth,(…)

Abuja: Why estates are on the high side in the city

        It is not beyond our notice that many beautiful houses adorn Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city. The fact that these houses have not impacted the lives of the masses has not also escaped us. This essentially means that housing, shelter; which is one of human’s most basic needs has eluded the average Nigerian even when(…)

Guidelines To Selling Your Own Home

  Selling a house could be a hassle which is why people prefer to use real estate agents, because they are better skilled at knowing how to deal with prospective clients and they possess the right kind of patience to attend to them. However, in situations where you want to sell your home yourself, there are(…)

Meet the agents: An interview with Segun Ogunbiyi

Meet the agents: An interview with Segun Ogunbiyi

Every prospective client wants to have a peek at the integrity and professionalism of the agent who is in charge of the property they are about to buy or rent. Below is an interview with Mr Ogunbiyi Olusegun, one of Hutbay’s agents. Name: Ogunbiyi Olusegun Company Name: Charis Global Resources Years in the business: A little over(…)

Real Estate: Online Marketing Approach

      Some people would ask what online media has to do with real estate marketing, they fail to see the connection between marketing houses and tweeting or sharing a Facebook update. What some people do not know is that there is competition in real estate so if you want to make a difference; you have(…)

Ibeju-Lekki: The Next Lagos Real Estate Investment Hub

Ibeju-Lekki: The Next Lagos Real Estate Investment Hub

The future of Lagos real estate is here and it lies in the Ibeju Lekki development. Ibeju Lekki, is the newest Development and is fifty kilometres from the city’s centre. It borders Lekki Lagoon in the north and faces the Atlantic in the South. This area is fast developing and is offering unlimited opportunities to(…)

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