Real Estate Marketing the Professional Way

Posted by    on  November 27, 2013

We have some exciting developments over here at Hutbay. From today, you’ll begin to see them unravelled. One consistent theme you will notice in all our present and future undertakings is our vision to provide information to aid buyers and renters to make better informed decisions, while at the same time, provide cutting-edge tools and platform for agents to market their properties, gain wider exposure and network with other agents.

More and Better Information:
Gone are the days where the only thing you know about a property from an advert is a mere text: “2 bedroom flat for sale at Magodo. N35m”!

Better Information

Project your listings more professionally.

Your consumers want more than that and we are providing you the tools and platform to surpass their imagination.  With the new Hutbay, you can do much more, few of which are:

  • Attach video to your listings
  • “Mapify” your listings
  • A direct web location aggregating all your listings
  • Showcase your reviews and recommendation
  • More branding from company logo to your corporate website  and personal photo
  • Consistent notification by email and/or SMS on how your listings are performing
  • Add brochures, floor plans and fliers
  • Tools to help with email marketing
  • and much more…

You can even add payment plans to your listings to garner more interests and potential deals. All this new feature will go live on Hutbay by December 9th, 2013.

Hutbay Real Estate App for Windows Phone.

Posted by    on  October 8, 2013
Hutbay Windows Phone App

Hutbay Windows Phone App

Hutbay has good news for the increasing number of Windows Phone users (Nokia Lumias, HTC 8s, etc) and it is an update to our Windows Phone app. In line with our goal to make property search in Nigeria free of hassles is the bringing of property information to your fingertips; one way to do this is to put it on your phone. And gradually, we are achieving our objective. With this new release, we hope you will find it more fun searching for properties and lots of interesting features to justify downloading the app.

With this new update, we provide a faster and intuitive way of viewing all properties available for sale and for rent in a particular area. Users can also make custom search tailored to their preference or based on selected parameters (e.g. property type, number of bedrooms, maximum price etc). Navigation to each property details (where you can view more information and photos, call or drop the agent in charge of the property a note, share the property with family, friends, and professionals via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even SMS) is made faster.

Just like the recent update to the  Windows 8 app, you can now create property alert, send real estate related enquiries to agents and feedback as regard making the app better. The app works with Windows  7.5 upwards.

Below are some snapshot of the app on a Nokia Lumia 800.

Click here to download the app or search for “Hutbay” in the Windows Phone Store. We promise to keep you informed as we roll out more features to our existing and upcoming apps.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook  to get more updates or drop us a note at for further enquiry.

Introducing Agent Profile Page

Posted by    on  October 7, 2013
Profile Page with Unique URL

Profile Page with Unique URL

When agents signed up on Hutbay, we don’t just want to help them market their properties but we also want to help them better manage their brands. Branding is very important and wherever your business is represented, you want your brand to be well presented.

Agent profile page is part of Hutbay’s strategy to helping agents manage their professional profile and company brand online. On this profile page you can see the agent’s passport-sized photo, her company logo, her ratings, company information including her company’s website and link to view all properties the agent’s have on Hutbay. You can even Continue reading

Hutbay Launches A Redesigned Windows 8 App.

Posted by    on  September 23, 2013
Searching for properties using the built-in Charm Search.

Search Using the In-Built Search Charm

There is an increasing shift in internet consumption from Desktop browsers to mobile devices like Phones and Tablets. Therefore, it is expected that apps should be developed to address this changing pattern in internet consumtption. More and more Nigerians are on the go than ever before, and considering the ease and increasing rate at which people use mobile devices nowadays,  developing a mobile platform is imperative especially in the online property search industry.

At Hutbay, we are committed to removing the stress and hassles from your property hunt. Though we already have an app for Windows 8, we felt we could do better by taking advantage of  some key windows 8 design patterns to help users feel more at home when using the app. It’s our pleasure therefore to announce Continue reading

Coming Soon: Redesigned Hutbay App for Windows 8 Devices

Posted by    on  September 11, 2013
Hutbay Windows 8 Search Results

A cleaner interface

Hutbay Windows 8 App Details

More on swiping. Users can just swipe left or right to view more details

Hutbay app for Windows 8 devices is been redesigned to take better advantage of Windows 8  design philosophies. Expect a release any-time between now and next week! The current version of the app will be replaced with this new version and all users who have Hutbay App on their Win8 devices should receive update notice as soon as the new version is available. You can still download the current version, though, at least till next week! The download link to the current version can be found here.

The major changes centred on presentation and taking advantage of the Windows 8 platform like the in-built Search, Sharing and App bar. Continue reading

What’s Hutbay?

Posted by    on  September 3, 2013

Finding real estate and homes shouldn’t be a hard task in a world with stunning technologies, powerful computing devices and faster internet connectivity. Software, by the way, thrives on data and finding and analysing these data is simply what software is good at. By extension therefore, using software to solve the problem of finding real estate is just natural. Continue reading

Microsoft BizSpark Featured Startup!

Posted by    on  September 3, 2013

On the 8th of August, Hutbay got featured on the Microsoft BizSpark site. We received a lot of pageviews that very day from across the atlantic. We liked it!

To those who may not be familiar with it, Microsoft BizSpark program provides technology, support, visibility, and community to promising startups and entrepreneurs across the world. Below is the full post as it appears on BizSpark site:  Continue reading

Welcome Home!

Posted by    on  September 2, 2013

It’s been gruelling months of hard work for us here at Hutbay that the idea of having a company blog was relegated to the background!

However, with our increasing marketing outreach and the need to provide a formal means of communication with our users and fans, we felt it is now the right time to have one. We will blog here on regular basis on interesting happenings at Hutbay and other related matters.

Do check back every now and then and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and on Facebook to know when we have new blog posts.